Monday, September 27, 2010

A Day.

My day:

6:21. Tried to sneak into kitchen so Ernie didn't hear me and start his brain piercing meowing. (Bert & Ernie are on lock-down at night in a room off the kitchen because if they are given night-time freedom they will completely dismantle the house while we sleep.)

6:22: Failed at sneaking into kitchen.

6:22--8:30: Coffee.              Dog, fish, cat, cat, patio cat feeding. Made the web rounds. Spent 45 minutes working on a short story.

9:00-4:30, or the VCUQ portion of my day.

Met with honors student about dossier essay, taught two sections of ENGL200, students worked diligently on discovery draft (<3 my ENGL200 classes) wandered around the building for awhile whining to whoever had the misfortune of being in their office about various, inconsequential complaints, worked on faculty research grant proposal, had a wonderful visit with a student who graduated last year, then ran into another student who graduated last year  (is it obvious that I wrote "who graduated last year" twice because I have no idea if it's alumna or alumni or alumnae or aluminum?) answered exactly a gajillion emails, remembered we now have a coffee shop in the building and was made happy, drank a froofy coffee drink and then talked fast for about half an hour.

5:00 to present, or the non-VCUQ portion of my day.

Picked up film on way home. Decided I'm super in love with film.

Did work I should have done while at VCUQ. Why do work at home I could have done at VCUQ? Well let me pose a question in response: Is Project Runway season 1 playing in the background at VCUQ? I rest my case.

Wondered what to do with the pile of photos on my desk.

Decided Project Runway season 1 needs my full attention.

This is the episode where the designers had to design wedding dresses for the models. Two best quotes from the episode (both from Jay, of course)

"She bangs into the room and is baaahaaaaaa baaaahaaaaaaaa."

"And Morganza want me to make a see though tank dress for the beach with flip-flops and dirty hair."

Monday, September 13, 2010

French Fry Floss

I went to Carrefour this morning. I love shopping in Doha. You never know what you might find. The above wins the truth in packaging award.

This is the cutest thing I found while shopping today. It IS very mifty!

Um, yea, french fries do count as a vegetable.

This is a shirt for a child. It reads: "My elegarico (?) Amusing life/I love all these all/Forever/Forever/Best stage." I have no idea what's up with the hands.    

I like this graphic, but for a three year old? Hmmmmm.

Best, Hope, Happy! SKULL! Fine Day, Star, Rocket, DEAD SMILEY FACE!

And, oh! My printer is now working!!  I've begun nesting.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It is glorious and sweet to die for one's printer

This is my 6th year at VCUQ, and though I would really like to reflect on my time here, there is a much more important issue I need to focus on: my printer. My printer, and why no one will come to hook up my printer so I can actually use my printer to print things that need printing. A major influx of new people and the expansion has created equipment shortages and it's getting kind of Lord of the Flies'ish up in here. Printers have become a major commodity. I know I should be grateful that I at least have a printer even though I can't use the printer making my printer a sort Schrödinger's cat, both dead and alive, but paranoia is setting in. I've heard rumblings that another department is manuevering to claim printers, to TAKE printers from those who have printers and who need printers just as much as the people who want to take the printers away. I have decided to take a stand. I will not let anyone take my printer. I am moving into my office, which will henceforth be known as bunker 162a. I will remain in bunker 162a every day, around the clock, to protect my printer, which when it was hooked up last year was a wonderful printer, and which will one day be hooked up again and go back to being a wonderful printer that prints things that need printing.